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January 29, 2006

On Hamas & Democracy

When you're a crusty old man, everything that comes over the airwaves is obvious. Nobody on the planet possesses enough time and talent to broadcast anything significantly substantial enough to alter any perspectives. Even with 500 channels, it's still an idiot box, IF you are well-read.

Part of the problem with this being a political blog is that most of the news I get never comes with enough detail to be a genuine surprise or learning experience for me. So I set down to write on a daily basis and it all seems like it should go into 'Obligatory Seriousness'. However the victory of Hamas in Palestine in the wake of the death of Arafat and the end of Sharon is one of those counter-intuitive blessings that I love.

I think that it is an extraordinarily great thing that Hamas has got to step up and govern. In the same way, I am pleased with what's going on in Iran. In both cases, the suppressed heinous desires of a mealy-mouthed people is coming to the fore. I suspect that within a year we will see full-blown cowardice on a scale that will shake the world out of its daydreaming. The assumptions about the motivations of the masses can be twisted and turned and second-guessed from here until the sacred cows come home. But there's nothing quite like calling the cards on the table of democracy. Here is where it finally shows up.

Very much like the war in Iraq, the opportunity for all of the crackpots, jacklegs, nutcases, suicidal rebels and other self-destructive mental cases has been made plain. Iraq became the place where all of your idiot dreams of killing American soldiers were made manifest; and where every maladjusted and misinformed conspiracy theorist in the First World had an opportunity to see exactly how significant was their Baby Bin Laden Theory. We destroyed all of the militant midget mullahs and their meatheaded mercenaries. The great armies of the Caliphate have been reduced to street gangs.

And so it will be with Hamas. They are not going to change direction. They are the investors in and inventors of the suicide bomb attack on civilians. They have had years to consider their strategies and tactics and now they have deftly and soundly defeated their political opponents. It says quite a bit that those Palestinians most invested in moderation are corrupted beyond repair, and those most single-mindedly focused on disciplined change and reform are hell-bent on the destruction of their neighbors. There is no change to be had. The will of the people has been made manifest, what lies ahead is the inevitable.

The inevitable will be an even more ragtage ethnic Palestinian minority subsumed into a single dominant Israel. The dreams of Palestinian nationalism are about to come crashing down and their inevitable dependence will be made crystal clear. All we need do now is sit back and watch the tortured dreams of the manic and the single-minded madness work its magic. There can be and there will be no Palestinian nation so long as the fundamental expression of its political will is to blame its problems on Israel. And our Secretary of State should withdraw every penny of aid until the new Palestinian government demonstrates its ability and willingness to disband the Hamas Militia. Of course Hamas will not disarm, and its soldiers will not confine themselves to quarters. This is a 'nation' whose fundamental contribution to the region is destructive suicide. We should expect nothing less.

Posted by mbowen at January 29, 2006 05:34 PM

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I don't think they care about our money or our aid. They will align with Iran and receive aid, on the sly, from some of our "allies" in the Middle East. Let's let Democracy reign in more Middle Eastern countries. We're already sucking up to "terrorists" in Iraq because democracy gave Shiites their long awaited power. Let's unleash it in Pakistan (where our dictator ally would be run out on a rail). Let it reign in Saudi Arabia and Egypt. We are batting a thousand so we may as well let all of he crazies have their say ...

Posted by: Qusan at January 29, 2006 08:11 PM

This is a very provocative topic...one that deserves some discussion.

There has never been "peace" in the Middle East and there never will be. It's the cradle of civilization and the embodiment of all that's wrong with it.

I fear WWIII is around the corner. Christians against Muslims...once again.

I think the international community views us as soft,losing our edge.

We need to exert our status as the one and only super-power left in the world.

Hamas are terrorists... they don't deny it.


They should try living in the 21st century.

I don't think they know the meaning of the word "progress".

Posted by: Anonymous at January 29, 2006 09:53 PM

I believe Hamas will adapt and become a governing party. Besides, Israel has been adept at taking certain leaders out in retaliation for bombings.

Posted by: brotherbrown [TypeKey Profile Page] at January 30, 2006 01:00 AM

Damn it's gloomy and here.

Here's a repost to Booker rising.

With USA aid cut off to the Palestinian territories, which we can possibly refer to as Palestine if we want now. And the government of Israel in turmoil and on disarray, perhaps it's time for a historic compromise. The Israelis literally cut the Palestinians in for a piece of the pie in return for peace and prosperity for everyone. How much is it worth to the Palestinian government and the Israeli government to have Israel become a tourist mecca as it once was, where you can wander in through Jerusalem buying things from moving freely from market to market, walking unfettered in the holiest areas and feeling the energy that comes up from the ground there in peace and relative safety.

Jerusalem has surely seen its share of war, I think it's time we retire the city from open conflict and agreed that it was a place where anyone can come and be comfortable and worship. That's what the Middle East needs to be. Specifically for the sake of Muslims and Christians and Jews. Personally I'm not much concerned with any of these religions, only the people who believe them.

Are we not brothers connected by blood/DNA and beliefs with the same building blocks. What could we not do together?

How much is that worth in real whole dollars in the global economy. Half the country of Israel lies on the coast, now the Palestinians have their piece of the coast in Gaza strip. I've been to Gaza it's a fabulous Mediterranean beach only surpassed by the Red Sea to the south. You could have South Florida like tourism along the numerous coastal beaches all year round. I think we're talking about more than a few hundred billion, especially in the long-term. All Hamas has to do is guarantee that people won't get blown up in the street, something they probably couldn't do even if they wanted to, but if they made the effort at least that would count for something.

They need to make the kind of old-time deals that Jews and Arabs have always made. Obviously both are stubborn bargainers, but I think it's time they came to some kind of mutual understanding for the benefit of all... call me a dreamer,I don't mind.

As far as Liberia is concerned, I don't even wanna go there.

Much of this aid going to the Palestinians will, for humanitarian reasons, need to be supplied by someone else.

Posted by: Aaron at January 30, 2006 06:47 PM

The only reason Hamas won was because the Fatah party vote was split due to factions in the party running as individuals without clear party endorsement. They have no primary elections where one candidate represents the party.

Posted by: Anonymous at February 4, 2006 11:02 PM