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February 06, 2006

EO 12333 & The Meaning of Death

I try not to go through life with my jaw dropped, but I have to admit there are some awesome things to marvel at. Today I have marvelled at the pretense of objectivity by Nina Totenberg and the whole NPR staff that pre-empted Terri Gross with their idiotic 'Special Report' on the Intelligence Hearings. I marvelled at the arrogance of those Congresscritters who do nothing all day but suck up to lobbyists and their wacko constituents instead of really bothering to get into the guts of understanding how the President is actually approaching FISA. The nerve of their speculation!

Not too many people are blogging about E0 12333 (in plain sight), but I hope some (like Bloggledygook) get into the thick of it. Because if Leahy isn't going to moderate his mouthing off about the NSA professionals and Administration lawyers blindly breaking the law, and if NPR isn't going to be reasonable in their coverage we're going to have to do some fisking. The way they were pushing Gonzales all over the map like W had gone apeshit was really embarassing.

But there are astonishingly good things to marvel at as well. Today I found this essay which I hope people all over the 'sphere gang-tackle. It's great! O would it I were Instapundit. Hmm.

The only point to death is a point you make yourself. You make your death have meaning by giving your life meaning. You give your life meaning by choosing a project to accomplish, or by accepting as your own a project given to you by others or by God. That's it; but that's everything. The young marines who have died in Iraq did not die pointless deaths or meaningless deaths.

Definitely read the entire piece and find a way to spit once again in the face of Joel Whatshisname. You see we live in a country where there is a huge population of loud people with access to mass communications who are mentally and morally incapable of understanding the honor due soldiers who fight in defense of our liberty. So you can hardly expect them to see the value in electronic surveillance. If there is a sliver of a law they could use to decapitate executive leadership, they'll use it.

I wonder if they would dedicate their lives to it.

Posted by mbowen at February 6, 2006 10:35 PM

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What's your theme? What's E0 12333? Are you for the war or against it? Whos's Joel Whatshisname? What exactly do you mean when you right "honor due soldiers who fight in defense of our libert?"

You're all over the place but your theme is not clear.

Your posts should have a beginning, middle, and end, like all good stories. The beginning is where you provide backround information. The middle is where you introduce your theme and embellish upon it, the end is where you make your conclusion.

Your post should be planned. Finally, you should not assume people know what E0 12333 or who "Joel Whatshisname" is.


Posted by: ricland at February 7, 2006 02:50 AM

My point was your writing is to indirect and impersonal ... to abstract.

You construct a post the way you construct a one-act play. The must be a protagonist, conflict, resolution.

You have too many protagonists. None is properly identified (E012333) and the resolution or what it is you're saying about thme isn't clear.


Posted by: ricland at February 7, 2006 03:41 AM

If there is a sliver of a law they could use to decapitate executive leadership, they'll use it.
Not unless, they, themselves are the executive...

Posted by: James G. at February 8, 2006 12:03 PM

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