inside cobb's neighborhood

I started the comic in January of 2003. I found this neat site that allowed me to create comics and so I got into the rhythm of the three panel form and I took to it well. It's philosophical really. It's minimalist - there are no props or backgrounds. It's all about socratic dialog. None of the characters have names.

Cobb's Neighborhood actually takes place in three dimensions. First is the human dimension.

The humans are all in each others faces. Everyone is slightly confused by the complexity of the world and they try to get the truth out of each other. They're all trying to derive some kind of comfort and dignity out of life but they are stymied by each other, their personalities and the complexity of life itself. The twelve main characters are a zodiac of sorts.

The Humans
spoiled rich kid & detached snark

passive aggressive do gooder & vindictive snot

bisexual flirt & neurotic paranoid
arrogant patriot & walmart shopper ambitious loser & jack of all trades animal lover & cia operative
credulous naif & suburban malcontent militiaman & anti-idiotarian idiot pollster & political flunkie
video game junkie & general geek news junkie & liberal blogger libertarian stoner & john lennon wannabe

The animals are sardonic observers of humanity. They themselves represent forces of nature and exemplify things that the humans can't. In that way the animals are secure and they don't question themselves.

The aliens are in exile above the planet and see humans as fascinating toys. They play the roles of gods and influence global events, sometimes by design, sometimes by accident.

The Animals The Aliens
the misanthrope

the capitalist

crop circles, pyramids & mysterious phenomena
the dissonant the engineer anal probes, abductions & freak accidents
the synchophant the researcher