america online bomp
I just wanted to be the first to welcome all brothers, sisters and cousins from aol into this usenet soup. i am your friendly neigbhborhood raconteur in the scaa space, self appointed of course, for here there is no hierarchy in fact no archy at all but style and volume with a wicked beat. lurkers lurk while thinkers work, and tribes scribe the mental mood feedin' ya soul food. we got stars both famous and in'. we got scars from flamers who win. we got backbone enough to contin' you will get back more than you put in. a word to the wise as i tell you this now don't expect to wreck or rock any worlds just speack your peace and let what comes out unfurl quite naturally as we fuss and disgust (can black people have freudian slips?) i meant cuss and discuss (and just trip on our trips) of course we've got outlaws and geniuses both and people who know yeah we know how he know and he said she said and scholarly writ bogus statistics, political shit grandiose theories, simple ideas rumor, truth, honesty, hatred and fears poetry, prosisdy, ignance and facts and some folks come in with shit that's straight wack but i know and you know that's been said before glass cielings, grass roots, and what's a ho? ther is no faq 'cause whose got patience to chronicle this? like writing it down is gonna solve something like we are here to solve something like to involve is to solve around which scaa does the planet revolve? last time i checked? (well i di'n't) so just post the article and move something cause you just might groove something even if you don't prove something throw down your two cents, your lira or pence for anything's something and all things make sense in the context you send it if properly scented you might get somebody else here to defend it or not take a pot shot, and blot out your foe explain how you know what you know to be so and if you can't rap it or rhyme it or spell you can still tell the bastard to go straight to hell and if strong language hurts your constitution (well this is all text) (there is no other recourse) talk about a weaker subject, or walk cause articulate eloquent talk, the first elements of our culture (pandered in song by elvis the vulture) although it belongs and no doubt will continue has no guarantee its usage will win you and argument or even a minor point it's like that and that's the way it is in this here joint. in case you are self-identifyably white and think you just might not say something right i have but one pointer and nought else to say (like that anglo phraseology, eh?) think of the reasons that you *feel* that way and inform your opinions more every day as far as i know (and i do know a lot) this is one of the few spots we've got to talk about racial shit that gets hot and brother that's progress. Not! although there's alt.discrimination (pronounce the 'dot' for more synchopation) for issues such as affirmative action cousins, i don't understand the attraction that brings that technicality here along with inevitable attendant fear that 'our' values are swept far off of the curve when a black person gets the job they deserve but let me not start cause thats not my part im present to present the presence of art in this cultural forum though we often forget of poetry, essays and raps musical criticism, drama review liturgical forms and general philology (the love of knowlege, g) identity, relationships, diasporal centrality multiculturality, black virtual reality friday hospitality, shameless carnality psychoalphadiscobetabioaquadooloop conviviality also (in response to your question b. radney) known as 'bomp' mentality. i be done now hope you listen well so for true rap stories you can tell struggles in blackness righteous for the good join to all worlds our people, understood.