why i am here : why you are there
An introduction is never enough After I said 'I am..' glances and reactions have taken over and the mind races the I continues to change facing anyone of significant weight and the introduction is never complete. In anticipation of this I dream a dream and I speak only in poetry my mind phrases these lines as you sit silently, absorbing. instead of a fact, I offer an abstraction beginning with a question mark. So I would like to sit and listen for a change and perhaps who I am can become and answer instead and in my dream you pour forth answers to my question 'Why are you here?' Willingly, because my question invokes trust. but this dream is equal to any million reveries happened, happening, yet to happen all or few waiting to be in some manner not better or worse, not real or imagined - ideas have no intrinsic sense of time or power; all we think and dream is trapped in human infinity So I would like to stand and speak in negotiable currency and perhaps who you are will be affected quite enough in reality for me to continue my exhortations at your invitation 'What is your name?' simply because your nature is curious In fear of that, I plan a plan and schedule and agenda. Your desires ask for this order as I stand proclaiming loudly In place of confusing depth, I offer a sound bite declaring my place in your life. An intro to that would be quite sufficient once you have seen what you are the details and blank must be carefully filled in because we are merely who we are and no fiddling will change that the destiny will be as fate has described.