To make her happy don't take a lot.. She don't ask for things - no diamond rings.
She's on a mission but not to prove something, but to be something.
and being that proves everything
and nothing at all.

She is a revolution in herself.
Revealing the fragrance of argument as
irresistable as life itself.
Panting, playing swaying ranting.
A miracle flow in dark shades
rhythms and glow.
Feet firm, hands solid, eyes quick
fondling sucking
rolling in the fourteenth sheet this week
vivacious and bountiful
she is exchange

Rays of light bust and creep
3 am from waking dreams of
Black Ceasar she rouses from
sleep in bitter bile
never nebulous but sharp as
a pointing pube, funky fragging
some dude on the tube

A sacred hoop around her waist
in powerful thrusts she swings it
rub a dub style head high no shaky cam
as the roommate sings it for history's sake
a phone call away from solace and peace
these firefly satellites dance
luminous all in her close orbit
the connection she make me they we
at least this part and dizzy we circle
like moths and like hawks and like vultures and gulls
she is a fire a mouse a wounded wildebeast
and the Carmel of our Western dreams

Alas poor sister,
abandoned and gay, her small heart
still hoping for freedom her way
For choking reams and pillars of strength
she wanders our desert climbing our cacti
and screaming on top

alone I cry and feel this pain
where I am cut to my soul
and bleeding out color and babies and
hot, salty symbols of sex
unreleased, unrepentant, unbound but
to abstractions and new love made real

and love is but love
so where is my language?
to skies and anguish she paces
and cringes and sighs
and walks forward
knowing, growing glowing love
in superstring knots of 30 dimensions.

annoyed distracted from life by
the cynical parade
she throws thorny roses at bare breasts
and scoffs at self pity
don't waste your time sis, dream a world
you've got to hold on to your love

it wrinkles her face once more as
she grits a grin that wrestles the beast
her teeth sharp and distinct work every angle
deconstructs with laser precision

titles and words, politically correct
mental giants in teeter totters
shoot to kill in blinded wisdom
around a square of deceit and interests
fire and courage, safety in no pasture
crisp november embers of dry months past
kindled for new meaning, burning new faces
reversed discrimination making different
colored targets on the same suspects

witness she weeps, weary she wars
wednesday she sleeps