mary from mogadishu

My name is mary from mogadishu
i got flies on my face
belly out to here
arms like bones

my name is mary from mogadishu
and im leavin this place
gon find an american soldier take me home

b'fore the government collapse
cosby show, yo mtv raps
she'd sit and dream about united states

by 1991 the tube was dark the fun was done
all she got to watch
was empty plates


in 1992 bush was lookin for somethin fun ta do
somewhere troops could be shown on TV
the liberals at CARE
mcneil leher put on the air
so they loaded up the boat and went to Somali
Africa that is
illiterate, homeless, politically deranged
black folks who'd be grateful for a change

looking for a friend
she ran into man from cnn
turn on the video light and let her speak
mary wanna shout
her teeth were white, her tongue popped out
the man looked in her eyes his knees got weak

he said i give ya bag of grits
just grab your crotch
and show your tits
ill sell the video in venice beach
mary turned the trick
kissed him once, rubbed his dick
america was just within her reach


he flashed the credit card
addis ababa was not too hard
next plane to paris left within the hour
the man who wore the hat
stamped a book and that was that
dollar bill says we're the superpower

she wore cotton tee from spike's joint
what's the point
the camera man braggin on the plane
i got me an original
what i'm doin's not criminal
i'm saving her life you'd do just the same

they got to jfk
soon found out american way
homeboy said bitch what you starin at?
but she never saw such gold
in someones mouth though she'd been told
they wear it all the time called livin' fat

the man form cnn
stared taking shots again
left 200 dollars on the shelf
said gotta hit the trail
royalty checks in the mail
you in ame'ca now go for yourself

mary changed her name to coco, tres joli and lives in east new york she watches fox and waits to see...