not ready for prime time
(rebirth of the cool, track 6)

pitchfork in a haystack of blackness picking out the needles that stick like a cactus moynihan pricks, moynihan pricks and connie chung blurts out the dirt that sticks general public puts faith in ya but what's the death rate in west virginia media coal rake behind a fake handshake when's a brother get a break still slaves of the airwaves bitty babies sleep in open graves 24-7 mind grind not only prime time not ready, dead freddy's all i see but not a sister that's steady ellis cose knows that's how it goes black middle class rages, white arrogance grows and when a crook gets caned in a foriegn place president clinton screws up his face little bitch fay in the hands of king kong 1999 don't be in hong kong north korea says how you like me now but that don't play in peoria somehow it wasn't in the plans spray cans in white hands gotta be black gotta be black media demands for the sake of fans in the stands asians portrayed as barbarians. unless of course for the sake of the right on campus; else out of sight - grab a mike and incite a cultural war suckers delight in devisive fights between non-whites the beat plays on and the media drones phoney consensus piped thru headphones repeaters report, reporters cavort kervorkian sport; black faces in hoodies coming out of court liberals fib about me in my crib killin my black brothers' reputation, while so glib on a sunday morning diss fest, disgrace this mess journalism, just another ism in my face for schism with a bent prism equal time for the whitewash white lie white gism in a chalkline (do we have a story on local black crime?) liberation of the mind not ready for prime time the media's bent stays permanent and black people can't seem to represent knowledge of self, stays locked on the shelf but everybody knows about the keebler cookie elf tony brown, les brown, without reknown im still not sure if oprah's down for the pushing of the concept who knows the cool quiet as its kept. im groovin the troops; cali to massachutes label my fruits entartete kunst i don't give a hoot not in cahoots with the jackboots or the sellout motherfuckers in their 3 piece suits im comin' at ya with the pure flavor for you to savor; not your saviour but i'll save your time and won't insult your mind with all that lather and bullshit blather that you get from dan rather liberation of the mind you wont find it in prime time but maybe in rap rhyme... </plaintext>