(dramatically, like roscoe lee browne describing the grafting of violets) i am michael i was 'z' in the first kwanzaa by the seventh grade i had already waxed romantic show and tell 'santa clause i hate you because you stink' pop's poem silenced columban nuns renee got kicked out for talking about her first period, she played the snake in the eden play rumor was she went lesbo at l.a. high finally i found her name in greg tate's flyboy daps i have yet to be found i knew crips and fortran always got english high marks for this i got bryn mawr junk mail & puzzled scenarios from jesuit counsel e.e. early decision at usc but it was a military program nor could i afford it so i sold radios, retail (passively, like chicken george on dandelion wine) five floors above flatbush the mute poet scribes angularly non linear at odd hours hoping to touch self referential tosk the hunted carving out bSpace among the well meaning