hard work
watch my back if youre a brother to me there should be no slack when Im ripping up and grippin up the ladder too tough to front it doesn't matter (hard work) there'll be no riffin on this platter it's about the struggle the hard fight but i see the yuppies buggle oops ya try to sweep the dirt right underneath the rug ooops oops their ain't no makeup for your mug (hard work) this rhyme is not designed to make you smug consider this 1968 was the year, the Kerner commission saw the country in fear two nations ready to move against each other, when we could be working in the groove, (my brother) the mission and the plan were in progress to change this nation from complacency to hard work for justice but the leaders of this motion were disrespected denigrated, spyed on and ejected a few were shot that's well known but look at what weve got and social justice left out to rot fortunately without further assistance from you we have been assiduously caring for our own crew and though the media blinks and misdirects weve got a mission and a history that aligns and corrects we haven't stopped short at public accomodation affirmative action is but one manifestation of the progress that we seek we continue to speak its hard work so we can't be weak black nationalists held the front for a while on a particular aspect of liberation - thier style black mind an the body to have new space expanding the popular construction of the race and in practice, bringing full humanity to bear to protect and assist by what ever means where there some thought we were the coalmine's canary to spook out to violence when it wasn't necessary but look who suffered the miscarriage of justice just because j. edgar hoover wouldn't trust us. who bugged the phones, and put spies in the BSU shot activists in cold blood and Cointelled the crew? who posed the biggest threat to democracy? Panthers or the federeal bureau of hypocracy? apologists grew for the struggle over time the true minds got no airtime and that was the crime people of color still carry the torch from the capitol steps to aunt kizzy's back porch bringing us back to democracy human rights and constitutional philosophy some assert boldy a debt owed for critical freedom original intenders make us debtors we don't need em debt held by fronters who claim we never paid the price that freedom of speech is a gift and we should act nice dont even try it we speak as women and men and no power will ever silence us again these same fronters pose the question of sciences that a concept of freedom stagnates without alliances an original theory tried tested and true could only be for europeans not for me and you 4 billion minds on the planet of color could not improve on jefferson because they are duller or that an idea once conceived and once said lives best in white hands otherwise lies dormant and dead and that to read the paper and positivly construe is all that the future generations can do that rule ain't gold in fact its' hardly pewter positivist logic is a job for a cheap ass computer im a living human and my mind is subjective when a man gets beat with a bat to dialog and expand is my objective reason vindicates evil but there's got to be more than that it's about the fight the hard stuggle but i see the people bite off a leader who has no sight you know it's time to finally get it right