sixoseven is the name of my band. check us out. here are a few select cuts from my three albums.

sixoseven is a jumble of acid jazz, electronica, funky ambient grooves and bastardized ethnic mixes plus kids music.
Mari-iqua Mari-iqua is a lively song with Spanish style acoustical guitar riffs and trumpets over a fairly slammin' hiphop track.
Smooth Bear A chilled out groove, guaranteed to put you in the right mood. My favorite.
Turnback Turnback is a quirky turn of construction and deconstruction.
Taxi Jam A classic house cut, Taxi Jam puts you right on the dance floor.
Hold Me If you dig Cafe Del Mar, this is for you.
Wopdoo A little James Brown, a little funky piano, a little house, a lot of fun.
Russian Swans Orchestral moods with a mix of tempos. Feels like a hiphop James Bond song.
Ashcroft Smack Funky Funky Funky, and political.
Juba Basic, bassy, driving beat jazz. Perfect for driving your convertable.
Children's March Hup Two Three Four, off key then triumphant. Ironic but fun.
Courntey Thing From Courntey herself.