Marvel not, my brethren, if the world hate you.
-- I John 3:13

I am writing this 'about' years after the fact of having created black hell. I do so keeping in mind the irony that one of the most popular pages in my website googles up to the top of searches with the keywords 'niggers' and 'basketball'. This serves to remind us that some of us have fairly unsavory ideas. Be that as it may, the primary purpose is to qualify the existence of this section of my websites.

At some point as I embarked on this anti-racist activism, I had an idea that I could build a fairly permanent record of the kinds of racist incidents and activities that go on in America that so many of us are unaware of. Most especially, I wanted to extend the memory of people who spend a lot of time second-guessing African American sensitivities to and complaints against racism. So for a short time I got some satisfaction throwing facts about Texaco and others back in the faces of those who whined that blacks were whining and that no racism really existed. As well, I spent some time cataloguing all different sorts of offenses in the clever categories you see on the front page of black hell. It wasn't long before this became overwhelming, tedious and depressing. Of all the different parts of my website this is the one I enjoyed maintaining least.

That remains the case and I probably won't do anything about it.

january 2003

(the original about)