niggers in general

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Here are some truths about blacks and racism:

*The reason why blacks were told to go to the "back of the bus" in the South is because back in the days when Americans took (maybe) one bath per week (on a Saturday night in preparation for Sunday church) blacks in the South took maybe one per week. There is a secretion that blacks secrete from their skins that protects it from heat. The reason why blacks have black skin is to protect their skin from harmful ultraviolate rays, but the color black draws heat (like a black car in the Sun), and this can be very bad in central Africa where there is much heat. So, to cool the skin the body sends for a secretion that has a neutral smell to blacks but STINKS TO HIGH HEAVEN for whites who do not have such a secretion (since whites are from very high latitudes where there are comparatively fewer ultraviolet rays and little heat...hence no need for a black skin or such a secretion). Blacks who bath daily and use deorderant do not have such a stink because the secretion is washed off and/or covered-up (that's why you liberal white Baha'is have never smelled it).

*Blacks kill and rape and assault FAR ***FAR*** more whites in this country than vice-versa. You may recall the white men who dragged a black man behind their truck for miles, killing him grumsomely. It made national news. Blacks do this and similar things to whites EVERY SINGLE DAY, but it never makes national news. Why? Simple. It isn't "politically correct" to publicize black-on-white hate-crimes.

*Different races have different sizes of brains. Asians have the largest, and Aboriginese in Australia have the smallest. Caucasians have the next to largest, then Negroes, then Amerinds, then Austroloids. As far as I.Q. tests and other measures of intelligence, Asians do the best, then Caucasians, then Negroes, then Amerinds, then Australoids. Negroes with a lot of white blood do better than Negroes with less white blood. Negroes with Asian blood do better than Negroes with white blood. Australoids with white blood do better than Australoids without white blood. Does brain size have anything to do with intelligence? If not, then Homo Erectus was as intelligent as Homo Sapiens Sapiens.

*Whites in minority schools are harassed,assaulted, terrorized, and threatened constantly. When parents go to minority school officials they are told, "Well....what do you want me to do about it?" or "Well, how does it FEEL?" or "Well, your son MUST have provoked it! (as if a white student in a predominantly black school would shout "NIGGER" in a hall-way). If they go to white school officials they are told, "Have you considered a private school?"

*Blacks almost ALWAYS consider every failure to be "white racism". If they apply for a job and a white gets it, that is white racism. If they don't get a promotion when they think they have earned one, that is white racism. If a white is rude to them (and people are sometimes rude to other people...has a white person ever bee RUDE to other whites?) that is "white racism". It is NEVER because they simply lose in a competition. But, in MOST cases, it is because they have lost in a competition. Should white basketball players in college complain they are being "discriminated against" by the NBA? No, the best makes it. In terms of intellect, Asians ALWAYS get promoted first, ALWAYS do better on tests, ALWAYS perform better than other races. Are they being given UNfair advantages?

*The VAST GREAT MAJORITY of blacks have NEVER been beaten by whites, harrassed by whites, threatened by whites. When blacks say, "Whites have been prejudiced against me" it means they competed for a job and lost, or wanted a promotion and lost, or a white person was rude to them one day, etc.

Blacks have assaulted and killed about 25 million whites in the last 30 years. Whites have assaulted and killed bout 300,000 blacks in the same time period; MOST Of those were white police officers who shot black men while they were perpetrating a crime. NO OTHER COUNTRY or people would permit such a genocidal terror to be perpetuated against them as have the whites in this country.

Yes, there are plenty of blacks who act responsibly and do not claim "white racism" when they lose a competition in the workplace. But there is a LARGE percentage of blacks in this country who PREY upon whites on almost a daily basis. In ANY OTHER COUNTRY the armed forces would be called out to control them. In MOST OTHER COUNTRIES they would be in concentration camps today.

So, Liberal Baha'is, before you JUDGE me again, walk a mile in my shoes. But, you won't, and you can't. You'll drive down to a Martin Luther King Jr. rally in a poor black neighborhood and say, "Gee! They treated me just fine!" FOOLS! You fucking UTTER pitiful FOOLS!

Darrick Evenson

Message-ID: <> Path: panix!!!!!! Newsgroups: soc.culture.african.american From: X-Anonymously-To: soc.culture.african.american Organization: Anonymous forwarding service Reply-To: Date: Fri, 15 Sep 1995 09:34:03 UTC Subject: niggers are real jokers. Lines: 84 On Thu, 14 Sep 1995 wrote: > > In article <> you wrote: > > : The negro is the most inferior and incompetent of the human species. > > Any proof besides _The Bell Curve_? History. Past, present and future. Europeans, Arabs, Asians & American Aztecs. All these continents produced highly advanced cultures. Written language, woven clothing, beautiful complex architectural structures, the arts, music etc... All the continents of the world could achieve all this except Africa which idled in it's primative negro ways for centuries. Proof is pretty obvious don't you think? Everyone else knows it. Why doesn't the negro? Oh thats right, it's RACIST! I don't have to repeat everything found in the 100 facts. Read them won't you. The truth really hurts doesn't it? You negros haven't got an arguementative leg to stand on. > > : You > : say you hate the whiteman but without us you would be idling in your > : primative ways for enternity. > > If it weren't for Africans; there would not be most of the astronomical > figures calculated like the distance from the sun or the distances of > the planets. There would be no gas masks or open-heart surgery. There > would be no peanut butter that you eat on your crackers. No architectural > feats like the pyramids or the shrines in Central Africa. That's really funny. That's why I decided to post this just to show everyone what a sad bunch of deluded niggers you are. So how about some proof? How about some names? Oh I get it Isaac Newton was a nigger right? You sad funny people. Even in cyberspace you people are still the trash of world. > > : Oh these things happen in the past! So > : what. It's also happening right now. > > : Blacks cry racism, pathetic whining and protests against segregation because > : you want to integrate with the whiteman. Blacks are so eager to integrate > : into other cultures but feeling is not mutual. You are incapable of autonomy. > > Well, I am one of them honkies and I would probably be your worst nightmare. > You see, my children will probably be Black since I have only managed to > date the choicest of women whose skin is darker than your red neck. > And with my smarts and stuff, they would probably be outperforming your > rednecked kids. > God! When will a black person abuse me? It's really weird. All the people who've written to me are ALL white! Are they EXTREMELY PC or are they just niggers pretending to have friends in the White's Club. Don't you just love niggers pretending to be white women who love niggers? Sad... > : Why is it that wherever you people go, everybody either flees to another > : place or does not want you there? > > Because they will listen to another Hitler. > Hitler is dead. Why oh why does everybody in the world hate niggers so much? Maybe it's your appalling historical and present track record. > : So go ahead. Hate us but don't ever forget you would be nothing without us. > > We'll expose your anonymity and get the JBAKC after you. > > CELTIC POWER!! FIGHT THE REAL ENEMY!! That's really SAD. Niggers pretending to be CELTIC! Manufacturing some kind of white linkage. I ask you, what would a true CELT be doing in a newsgroup full of deluded niggers? I can't wait to hear from a German who hates white women and thinks black women are the best. Can't wait for that one. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- To find out more about the anon service, send mail to If you reply to this message, your message WILL be *automatically* anonymized and you are allocated an anon id. Read the help file to prevent this. Please report any problems, inappropriate use etc. to

The hardest job in the world is being a White person. Every day we are face the white-hating racists who try to deny us our history. For all of our achievements on behalf of all humankind, all we get in return is ingratitude. There are people in this world who, if you had $100 in your wallet, and you gave them 99, when you turn away, they will knife you in the back for your last dollar, or the change in your pocket. I say we White people should set aside ten years where we can sit back and do nothing - no research, no discoveries, no charity, no achievement (I know it's against our nature), and let's see what the world will look like then. Probably like rwanda, somalia, ethiopia, south central. We would have a world run by crips and bloods. If I had a disk drive with capacity of 1 billion megabytes, it still wouldn't be large enough to list all the good things that white people have done for those with lesser abilities. GOD BLESS WHITE PEOPLE. --****ATTENTION****--****ATTENTION****--****ATTENTION****--***ATTENTION*** Your e-mail reply to this message WILL be *automatically* ANONYMIZED. Please, report inappropriate use to For information (incl. non-anon reply) write to If you have any problems, address them to

Newsgroups: talk.politics.misc,,alt.politics.nationalism.white,soc.culture.african.american,soc.culture.usa,sci.psychology From: ("Duncan R. MacMillan") Subject: Re: Affirmative Action and Bigotry (was: Re: Intelligence by Race) References: <3hfn0e$> <3hjp11$> Reply-To: Date: Sun, 19 Feb 1995 18:47:15 +0000 Message-ID: <> Sender: Xref: panix talk.politics.misc:247508 alt.politics.nationalism.white:3889 soc.culture.african.american:90922 soc.culture.usa:55563 sci.psychology:33399

In article , the negro systems analyst "SINQUE" complained about his lot. Down the ages, the two options open to the discriminated are emigration or starting their own businesses and were you to start up on your own you'd have the pick of that technically educated elite that whites are always discriminating against.

South Africa's free/falling apart right now, so the whites are leaving in droves, understand? they are EMIGRATING because they don't like the ways things are, leaving plenty of vacancies down there. So why don't you EMIGRATE there just like Asians and Mexicans are EMIGRATING to the USA?

Indeed, a lot of US citizens would be only to happy to make air fares part of any negro "reparations" package. Or you could join all those other negroes with a master's degree in engineering who have been forced by the white conspiracy into those much more lucrative careers in basketball, football and the like. Discrimination has been the spur to achievement for Jews, Armenians, Quakers, Chinese, Parsees... everybody except for negroes. The truth is that it's a case of blaming the victims: negroes know full well that they're everybody else's burden but rather than apologise they prefer to blame them for it. --- DRM

Newsgroups: alt.discrimination From: bn946@FreeNet.Carleton.CA (Les Griswold) Subject: For James... Message-ID: Sender: (Les Griswold) Reply-To: bn946@FreeNet.Carleton.CA (Les Griswold) Organization: The National Capital FreeNet References: <3ektgf$> <3ed3nd$> <3efitd$> <3eh62s$><3ekbo8$> Date: Sat, 7 Jan 1995 11:55:13 GMT Lines: 30

In a previous posting, James White ( writes: > > Well friend, I hate to be the one to break this to you but until about 125 > to130 thousand years ago we were all in Africa. Do not go around saying > that white men developed the technology to go to the moon. It was Germans > who did it. You can take no credit for that simply because you are white. > Do not go around claiming that simply because you happen to be white that > you can take credit for any development of any white person anywhere. Take > credit for what you have done. I seriously doubt that you have done > anything. You are probably a parasite aren't you? You go around like a > little boy who brags about his big brother. So enumerate for the net your > personal contributions to the advance of Western Civilization. While you > are at it throw in all your relatives for good measure. What have you and > your relatives for as far back as you can go contributed to Western > Civilization? What have you done for any people any where?

What a load of solipsist garbage. If you can tear your eyes away from "The Jews beat us, so they MUST be right", I'd like to share a little something with you:



-- Eight cripples do not make one gladiator.

In article <3huap2$>, () wrote:
: wrote: : : I can't understand why more blacks can't ditch this self pity about their : : ancestors (and many wouldn't even give a damn about them, except for the fact : : that they derive some pleasure in pointing out how mistreated they were), get : : their butts off the couch, and WORK for a living! : : Everywhere in the third world, people are live feeling utter wrath for white : : man and for all his Imperialistic sins that he commited against them, but look : : at Asia, and all the other third world countries, and how they are striving : : toward a healthy economy. : : Look at how hard working the Asians that come to the U.S. are, and look how : : their economies are now expanding exponentially. Why can't blacks forget about : : pitying themselves and expecting society to give them a free ride, and get to : : work?!? : : I know there are those who do. I have friends who do and who are black. But : : the vast majority, even they admit, don't like to work!

: : At my University, I often see the blacks sitting in our student union the whole : : day, chatting, and spending their entire day there. All they can do is walk in : : that stupid macho way, act like they're gangsters and do nothing but waste : : their time! : : Blacks will never be free from the slavery their ancestors suffered until they : : get their act together and begin to function more productively in society. Not : : everyone can become a sports star, and that fact has not made it into the heads : : of enough black youngsters.

Newsgroups: alt.discrimination From: X-Anonymously-To: alt.discrimination Organization: Anonymous contact service Reply-To: Date: Thu, 2 Mar 1995 15:43:50 UTC Subject: Read this, please.. even if it is perhaps duplicated. Lines: 87

Dear friends,
below I included an e-mail letter I received some time before... not too much time, but I am not going to tell the exact time and date here... I do not comply with the contence of this letter and I even don't know who had the idea to send it to me and who gave my address to that person sending it to me... but my decision was clear after reading it... I want to do some- thing AGAINST it... and so I decided to make it available for the public, if not commonly known.

Please, all organisations who are opposing this, contact me and tell me that I am not alone. Governmental institutions are also welcome!

So, take care now and be terrified by reading this... no further comment of myself will be needed, I think, the text is pretty much 'self explanatory'. Make your own decision if this is dangerous or not.

INCLUDED MESSAGE: > >From > > Subject: THE AMERICAN PURIFICATION SOCIETY > > > Are you sick of the rising population of non-american people in the > U.S? Do you feel that the blacks, hispanics, and asians are taking > over this once prosperous country by stealing jobs, leeching off > welfare, and just plain POLLUTING our society? > > Do you feel that your HARD-EARNED taxes are being wasted on worthless > welfare mothers and criminals who should just as soon be exterminated > let alone supported by OUR OWN government? > > > Are you infuriated by abortion-rights activists, who through their > support of Womens' right to abortion, are actually participating > in a MASS HOLOCAUST of innocent human beings? > > Do you share our belief that the women who participate in abortions > should share the same fate as their aborted fetuses? > > Do you think women today posess too many freedoms and should be put in > their place again? > > > If you agree with the above, fear not, you possess the beliefs of a > group of thousands of members of the AMERICAN PURIFICATION SOCIETY. > We are a special-interest group geared towards issues which thanks to > the Liberal media, are shuffled aside and never dealt with seriously. > It is our goal to share our beliefs, and convince others that our > society is in shambles. Please, join up with us in our fight to > cleanse this country of the scum that pollutes it and take part in > the removal of those individuals involved by ANY MEANS NECCESSARY. > > We plan to use the Internet as our primary means of reaching out to > the general public, and we believe EVERY American should be aware of > this movement, and we will take all necessary action to assure that > our word is heard by ALL americans! > > > To contact us, email our Internet Administrator of Affairs at: > > ADDRESS: > SUBJECT: American Purification Society > > Please leave your name, telephone number, and social security number > and we will promptly get back to you with information on how you can > get involved in this revolutionary new organization. > > > THE AMERICAN PURIFICATION SOCIETY > > Remember, only with YOUR help can we get things done. Please do not > let us down. > > Cain >

. Path: panix!!!gatech!!!!voland From: (Voland) Newsgroups: soc.culture.african.american Subject: Shut Up, America!!!!!!! Date: 6 Jan 1995 06:33:49 GMT Organization: Clark Internet Services, Inc. Lines: 25 Message-ID: <3eio8d$> NNTP-Posting-Host: Mime-Version: 1.0 Content-Type: TEXT/PLAIN; charset=ISO-8859-1 Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit X-Newsreader: TIN [version 1.2 PL2]

I belive that you ALL stupid idiots who like too much to sit on welfare, and if some guy tells you that that's enough, you like to yell out "racism!!!"

I pissed off by all black population of America becouse They are the once who get more chance to get job, to get in collage, to get anywhere but me. Even if I'm better (!). (SAT scores, collage grades, job, etc.) I hate those "special rights leaders" such as Louis Farachan and Jessy Jackson. I hate when the Mayor of the Washington is the convicted felon, who smocked pot while he was in the office(!). Was he ellected becouse he was just black? Ha? I thought so... I hate when .... Well, I could count long-long line what I hate, but I'd like to make my point by concluding this letter.

I belive that if the great Civil(Not special!!!!!) Right Leader Doctor Martin Luther King would be alive, he would be ashamed (!!!!!!) of minorities who insteed of sharing equel rights, like he had a dream about, they share special rights.

Just do what the common people of this country do. Don't sit on welfare just becouse "you are black.". Study. It's not white think to study. Otherwise, if you gonna let Jessy Jackson role your people---it will be in much worth shape then it is now. Nation is got to have respect for theirselves. Or--assimilate. Try to assimilate. It will be just better.

I really feel sorry for the FEW black people of this country who are clustered into the negative aspec
of blacks because of ignorance such as posted on this web site. The blacks you talk of being beaten by cops,
descriminated against, etc. are nothing more than worthless criminals that, for some reason, assholes like you
defend. A black guy could be infesting your streets with crack, killing your children or what ever, and if a white
cop lays one hand on him, you get all defensive of his rights. The shit I read on this site is nothing more than proof
that the majority of blacks are lazy, irresponsible, worthless human beings. You dislike this contry so much go
back to Africa (since you all love being called "African-Americans") and see what life is like there. You don't
have any MOSTLY white subsidized social programs to pay for your housing, food, medical, etc in a country like
that. You blacks have destoyed this country enough. Once-beautiful cities (Newark NJ, Elizabeth NJ, Allentown
PA, Reading PA, LA CA) are now crack infested gang warfare zones thanks to you. Just think, from the smallest
town to city to country (yes, countries where whites never stepped foot)that is black populated and
ruled...nothing but crime and poverty exist. You just do not have the mental or moral capability to take care of
yourself, so leave it up to the whites to financially support and police you, then complain about them.