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New York City/Rudy Giuliani
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Professional Accounts
Naked City
Strip searches for misdemeanors in NYC
A Letter from Occupied New York
by John Leonard
Bob Herbert Editorial
It seems a couple of Hispanic guys in the
building's lobby had some cocaine. And that's reason enough in the cowboy logic of the police to arrest any black men who are nearby.
Bob Herbert Editorial
New York is a city in which a woman who had voluntarily
undergone two searches when she was accused of stealing a ring can nevertheless be dragged away in handcuffs, presumably because she was near an item that was reported missing.
Attorney General Eliot Spitzer
Using the stated policies of the NYPD, NYPD-generated survey data, and the statements of a number of current and former New York City police officers as a basis, Part III attempts to provide the Department's view of "stop & frisk" as a day-to-day part of police work.
Report on Michele Hirshman's Investigation
Ms. Hirshman helped commission a $100,000
statistical study conducted by Columbia University's Center for Violence Research and Prevention
Nat Hentoff
In the more than 40 years I've been a reporter in this city, I have covered a remarkable number of reckless public officials,
but Howard Safir and the mayor have earned a lifetime achievement award in that category
Running From Cops