13 Solutions

  1. Create a new set of tougher laws for fair housing administration, create a new bureau of investigation similar to BATF (or modify the charter of BATF and the FBI), in order to give the eeoc and the civil rights section of the Department of Justice a bite which is bigger than its bark. Add jail terms and higher fines as well as the ability to de-license businesses which are stung. Call it Rico for race.
  2. Create an index of wide acceptance on the amount of racist discrimination.
  3. Concentrate on adults, not children.
  4. Create a viable third party in electoral politics.
  5. Create a national non-partisan congressional redistricting authority.
  6. Initiate a systemwide review of racial bias in criminal sentencing.
  7. Add to penalties for crimes with racial animus as proximate cause. Make it a felony in white collar fraud as well as violent crimes.
  8. Create a series of penal statutes at the misdemeanor level for racial discriminations such as refusal of service by taxis, unwarrented scrutiny in retail establishments, etc.
  9. Remove all geographic enrollment restrictions from secondary education in public schools as part of national certification.
  10. Make it illegal for criminal suspects to be identified by race in television, radio and print media with the only exception being for crimes with racial animus as proximate cause.
  11. Immediately revoke the exeption in fair housing laws from mortgage brokers.
  12. Investigate licensing of racial discrimination with respect to the factors in item 2 after it has been established for several years.
  13. Create a national award for implementation of diversity strategies. Organize a regime whose ultimate aim is to design a package for tax incentives based on compliance with the winning strategies. sort of like an iso 9000 for affirmative action.