Decisions by Federal Judge Frank M. Johnson, Jr.

Browder v. Gayle (1956)
Orders the racial integration of the public transportation system of the city of Mongomery.
Gomillion v. Lightfoot (1961)
Invalidated the cy of Tuskeegee's plan to dilute vlack voting strength by redrawing city boundaries so as to move concentrations of black voters out of the city limits.
United States v. Alabama (1961)
Ordered that black persons be registered to vote if their application papers were equal to the performance of the least qualified white applicant accepted on the voting rolls.
Lewis v. Greyhound (1961)
Required desegration of the bus depots of the city of Montgomery
United States v. City of Mongomery (1961)
Ordered the city of Montgomery to surrender its voting registration records to the US Department of Justice.
Sims v. Frink (1962)
Required the state of Alabama to reapportion state legislative districts to adhere to the 'one man, one vote' principle.
Lee v. Macon County Board of Ed. (1963)
Mandated, in Alabama, the first statewide desegregation of public schools.
Williams v. Wallace (1965)
Ordered Gov. George Wallace to permit Dr. Kin'gs civil rights protest march from Selma to Mongomery.
White v. Crook (1966)
Ruled that the state of Alabama must permit blacks to serve on juries.
United States v. Alabama (1966)
Declared the Alabama poll tax unconstitutional.
Smith v YMCA of Montgomery (1970)
Ordered the desegregation of the Mongomery chapter of the YMCA
NAACP v. Dothard
Required the state of Alabama to hire one black state trooper for every white state trooper until racial parity was achieved.