Central Theories


As I apply Socratic discipline to my online discussion and as I come against works of some repute, all of this will become fleshed out. Essentially, this is what I believe. - M.D.C.Bowen

Racial Geography is Destiny
The legacy of American apartheid is the greatest determining factor in the economic differences between 'the races'.
Geography, Poverty and Politics
Scratch Me, and I Bleed Champaign:Geography, Poverty and Politics in the Heart of East
Central Illinois Jonathan Sterne Bad Subjects, Issue #17 November 1994 Copyright

Race & Place
For Blacks and Whites, living together in racially integrated neighborhoods
helps to improve attitudes about one another and behavior toward other races,
according to researchers in the recent book, "Race & Place," published by
Cambridge University Press. However, the scholars show that both groups still
differ in how they view race-related issues.

NPR - Segregation in Cities 
The latest census numbers show that the nation is becoming more diverse, but cities remain racially segregated. Whites are more likely to live among whites, blacks are more likely to live among blacks ... and on it goes for other ethnic groups. Fair housing advocates say this is proof that racial discrimination laws need to be enforced, while others say people simply want to live among others of similar culture and outlook. Juan Williams and guests examine why U.S. cities are so segregated on a special broadcast from the Newseum in Arlington, Virginia.

A Visual Representation of Racial Segregation
William Bowen. Cal State Northridge
Other Theories
James M. Blaut - A Cultural Theory of Racism
Institutional Racism Remains Manifest Through Free Markets
Oliver & Shapiro
"..racial inequality has been structured through systematic barriers, institutionalized in American society and public policy over generations, which limit the accumulation of black wealth."

Glenn Loury - An American Tragedy
In cities across the country, and in rural areas of the Old South, the situation of the black underclass and, increasingly, of the black lower working classes is bad and getting worse. No well-informed person denies this, though there is debate over what can and should be done about it. Nor do serious people deny that the crime, drug addiction, family breakdown, unemployment, poor school performance, welfare dependency, and general decay in these communities constitute a blight on our society virtually unrivaled in scale and severity by anything to be found elsewhere in the industrial West.
Whiteness is Significant
Whitefolks have existential barriers to overcome before any significant anti-racist ethos in the mainstream of America can make Race Relations anything more than empty rhetoric.
Race Traitor
5 White Guys
Why Are You White?

All Racism is Not Equal

All racist acts are not equal either in intent or effect. The state does have a compelling interest in insuring that society does not exclude groups but I don't see that it is useful in policing all instances of racist discriminations. For this reason I have come up with three classes of racist offense. This is necessary to keep some perspective and to guide actions and reactions.

The Political Impetus for Racial Integration Has Subsided    

Facts About Affirmative Action Have Been Obscured to the Electorate