Perhaps the supreme irony of black American existence is how broadly black people debate the question of cultural identity among themselves while getting branded as a cultural monolith by those who would deny us the complexity and complexion of a community, let alone a nation. If Afro Americans have never settled for the racist reductions imposed upon them -- from chattel slaves to cinematic stereotype to sociological myth -- it's because the black collective conscious not only knew better but also knew more than enough ethnic diversity to subsume those fictions.
-- Greg Tate

Edited by M.D.C.Bowen
last updated March, 2001

Introduction  |  Don't Believe the Hype

FAQ 1 - What do Black People Want?
FAQ 8 - Black BBSs
The original resource
FAQ 10 - Is Star Trek Racist?
What do you think?
FAQ 13 - Abraham Lincoln
Great Emancipator or Clever Politician. Did he believe in equality for the African?
FAQ 16 - Will Blacks Survive?
Yes, Maybe, No.
FAQ 20 - HBCUs
What are the black colleges? How did they come about? How do they rate? Are they racially exclusive? Where can I find more information?
FAQ 21 - Reverse Discrimination
A recent Justice Department study shows "angry white male" arguments don't hold up in court.
FAQ 22 - Model Minorities, Fact or Fiction?
How do Asians actually compare with African Americans? What about immigrants? What is the point of such comparisons?
FAQ 23 - EZ-E on AIDS
Rapper of N.W.A speaks out on his life and his illness.
FAQ 24 - Can Blacks Be Racist?
Yes. All racist ideas are equally wrong even though all racist actions are not equally significant.
FAQ 25 - Black Panther Party
The Ten Point Program, names of Panthers still in jail, names and addresses of organizations in support of the Panther Party as well as some reviews of recent histories of the Party.
FAQ 26 - Police Abuse & Brutality
What to do. Testimony.
FAQ 32 - The N Word
If you have to ask...
FAQ 33 - Sankofa
Some direct quotes from the director, Haile Gerima.
FAQ 34 - Black Fraternities and Sororities
Who are they? Should they be black?
FAQ 35 - Blacks, Mexico, Slavery & Liberation
Were Mexican leaders in favor of full civil rights for Africans before the American Civil War? Yes!
FAQ 37 - Black Conservatives
Who are they? What do they want? Who died and left them king?
FAQ 47 - Black Egyptians
A short bit of information on Sub Saharan influence.
FAQ 50 - AIDS & African Americans
Some dated information. Needs formatting, but from a generally reliable source.
FAQ 54 - Where in Africa did African Americans Originate?
Complete with percentages.
FAQ 56 - Proportional Representation
An opinion on the context.
FAQ 58 - Affluent Black Neighborhoods
Census data from 1990.
FAQ 59 - Africa & Africans in the Bible
Chapter and verse.
FAQ 60 - BET
Facts and figures.
FAQ 61 - Blacks In Golf
Tiger Woods, Charlie Siffort, Bill Stiller, Lee Elder, Ted Rhodes, Calvin Peete...
FAQ 65 - Derrick Bell's Rules of Racial Standing
From the first African American to be granted tenure at Harvard School of Law.
FAQ 66 - Racism in Free Markets
Can we achieve social equity strictly through open markets? No.
FAQ 67 - Melanist Theory Explained and Debunked
Complete with mathematics.
FAQ 68 - How black was Beethoven?
Politically and culturally, it's impossible. Genetically, maybe but who cares?
FAQ 69 - Media Bias
Why does America believe what it believes?
FAQ 70 - Ebonics
Real or imagined?
FAQ 71 - Are Mulattoes Black?
A personal perspective.
FAQ 73 - The Glass Ceiling
What are the top 11 manifestations?
FAQ 74 - The Other N Word
FAQ 75 - Blacks & Investing
Where does the money go?
FAQ 76 - Best Black Films

FAQ 77 - Black Leaders