Edited by M.D.C.Bowen
last updated April, 2001

Teri Myers
"Several years ago I was a victim of a work-related armed robbery.  I will never forget what that white cop said to me when I was unable to tell him if the robber was black, white, hispanic or asian.  His assumption was that he wasn't black since a white woman like me would have noticed and remembered.  He was wrong - the perp was indeed black - I just didn't notice and was unable to tell him."
Pamay Bassey
"Last night at 3 o'clock a friend of mine called me and told me that he was in jail. I asked him why, and he said he had been talking shit to the police. Fair enough. Could I come bail him out, he asked, knowing before he asked that I would say yes because I am just that type of person and that type of friend. So, of course, I hop in my car just as fast as I can and speed over into some random-ass area of Chicago, which probably wasn't very smart or safe"