Curriculum Vitae

Essbase + BI Details
August 2002

I first began using Essbase in 1996 when I hired on to Arbor Software as a postsales consultant. I handled engagements for the Southeastern US for Arbor's own consulting group. Previous to this work, I had been doing design and implementation of DB2 and Oracle star schemas for 6 years and working with Pilot Software's multidimensional database, Time Server. So before I even laid eyes on Essbase, I had years of multidimensional database design experience. I instantly realized the potential of this database.

At Arbor, I reported directly to L. Wheelan who was head of all Essbase consultants worldwide. Our responsibilities included:

Over the next two years at Arbor, I provided expertise at the highest level available to clients across the country. In other words, if you were an Essbase DBA or Essbase developer and had problems that you couldn't solve alone or with Arbor technical support, someone like myself would be dispatched to assist you. I did so for some of Arbor Software's most important and demanding customers such as: Dell Computer, Commonwealth Edison, CocaCola, JCPenney and dozens of others.

Working at Arbor gave me the opportunity to work not only with top customers but with the internal staff as well. I had strong relationships not only with the top Essbase consultants around the world but the engineers who built the product. For this reason, I was selected to participate in beta testing of new Essbase features and making recommendations to core development.

Furthermore, my knowledge of the product was so complete that I able to help new partners get started in the business of Essbase consulting and products. I have certified several individuals in Essbase during this time who have gone on to be successful independent contractors, and introduced Victor Duarte, president of Blue Isle software to the company. I have also maintained good relations with several gold certified Hyperion partners including Beacon Analytics (Chicago), Ranzal & Associates (NY) and CIS (Mexico City) but have chosen to begin my own practice rather than joining one of theirs. Any of them would gladly vouch for my expertise despite the fact that I may ultimately compete against them.

At Arbor I received recognition unusual for a field consultant by being invited to join Club in Hawaii with the top performers in the company. I continued in this tradition under the sales organization as well.

When Arbor merged with Hyperion the Essbase consulting group was essentially disbanded. It was at that point Ms. Wheelan left Hyperion to begin Beacon Analytics. I then joined the sales force as a senior consultant and began working with a wider product set aimed at the Data Warehouse market. These products include Hyperion Integration Server, Essbase Objects, API Toolkit and Essbase Web Gateway.

I have represented Hyperion as the primary technical spokesman to the DCI convention in Boston as well as to the San Jose eBusiness Expo. I have done so in coordination with the Product Manager of Essbase. I have presented technical seminars about Essbase applications two years running at Hyperion's own User Conference.

As regards my technical understanding of Essbase and associated technologies, I have assisted in the design of one of the largest single databases in existence at the time on a Sun E10000 at The Gap. (9 Dimensions, 3GB input data) The Gap had been watching the OLAP market for years and already had RedBrick in house. Yet this Essbase design was a breakthrough.  This has been documented by Beacon Analytics. I have also tracked memory usage in HP Unix clusters and Sun Enterprise Servers. This level of performance testing goes far beyond what Hyperion's own staff and technical support provide. I have, in a single afternoon, provided the groundwork for the transformation of State Farm's Data Warehouse by creating an insurance claims model with 39 dimensions from which multiple datamarts would generate.

I have created webservers in Hyperion which were worldwide resources for Essbase consultants. I was the first individual at Hyperion to create a comprehensive capacity planning discipline for Essbase. I was the first individual at Hyperion to create an application which Palmenabled Essbase. I was also the technical lead for the development of the first Essbase supplychain application working a special joint project between Arbor and I2 Technologies.

For these and other reasons, I think most will agree that I am one of the elite practitioners of Essbase.

The following is a list of clients I have consulted for in various capacities representing Arbor, Hyperion and my own businesses.



Project Type


  • Boeing – Huntington Beach
  • Boeing – Seattle
  • Lockheed Martin, CA
  • Rockwell - Rocketdyne, CA
  • Project Mgmt – WBS Fin.
  • Gen’l Architecture
  • P&L
  • Various

Banking / Financial

  • Citibank, NYC
  • Charles Schwab, CA
  • Countrywide, CA
  • KeyCorp, OH
  • AT&T Universal Card, FL
  • SunAmerica, CA
  • Glendale Federal, CA
  • Banamex, Mexico City
  • Citibank, LIC
  • International Cash Mgmt
  • ABC
  • Financial
  • General
  • General
  • Various
  • Various Financial
  • Gen’l Architecture
  • Gen’l Architecture


  • Vista Chemical, Houston
  • Shell Services, TX
  • Various Financial
  • Gen’l Web


  • Sprint PCS
  • Bell South Cellular, Atlanta
  • Pacific Bell, CA
  • Norstan, MN
  • AT&T Transtech, FL
  • SBC, CA
  • Billing Metrics
  • General
  • Operator Performance
  • General
  • HR Staffing & Financial
  • Gen’l Architecture


  • CPC, NJ
  • Philip Morris USA, NYC
  • CocaCola, GA
  • Clorox, CA
  • Dr. Pepper, TX
  • Sales & Distribution
  • Sales & Mkt Share
  • Various Mktg.
  • Sales
  • Various


  • CHS/Merisel FL
  • Sealand, NC
  • CocaCola Enterprises, GA
  • Treasury
  • ABC
  • Sales


  • Northeast Utilities, CT
  • Mission Energy, CA
  • Enron, OR
  • ComEd, Chicago
  • SoCal Gas, CA
  • PG&E, CA
  • Various Compliance
  • O&M Accounting
  • Gen’l Architecture
  • Tuning
  • Various
  • (SAP)

Health Care

  • BCBS, TX
  • BCBS, RI
  • Kaiser, CA
  • Abbott Labs, OH
  • General (tuning)
  • Medicare Billing
  • HR
  • General


  • State Farm
  • Gen’l Architecture


  • 3Com, CA
  • Alcon Labs, TX
  • Bosch, SC
  • Scientific Atlanta, GA
  • I2 Technologies, TX
  • Sola International, CA
  • Fujitsu, CA
  • Mitsubishi, CA
  • Dell Computer, TX
  • SnapOn Tools, WI
  • Toyota Motors, CA
  • SFA (300+ users)
  • Int’l. Product P&L
  • QC
  • QC
  • SCM
  • Gen’l (SAP)
  • (SAP)
  • Sales & Mktg
  • QC
  • Various
  • Inventory
  • GL, P&L, Inventory, Assets


  • Lawrence Berkeley Labs, CA
  • SAIC, CA
  • Royal Caribbean, FL
  • Nielsen Media, FL
  • Disney, CA
  • Waste Management, TX
  • HR – Project Mgmt
  • Planning
  • General
  • Various
  • Gen’l Architecture
  • Financial Planning

Real Estate

  • Hines, TX
  • Citibank, NYC
  • Portfolio Mgmt
  • General


  • JC Penney, TX
  • Kroger, CO
  • Safeway, CA
  • Gap, CA
  • Inventory & Sales
  • Financial
  • Gen’l Architecture
  • Sales

Specific Essbase Related Technologies




Essbase Calc Scripts

I taught the Design & Optimization class for Arbor Software.

  • Multiple Passes
  • Substitution Variables
  • Conditional UDA calcs
  • Binary Aggregations
  • Allocations
  • JD Edwards
  • Currency Partitions

Batch Automation / Productionization

I have automated all types of Essbase activities.

  • Esscmd
  • Perl
  • KSH
  • MAXL

Front End Development

I have extensive design and implementation experience in a wide variety of frontend application platforms.

  • Cognos Powerplay
  • Brio Query
  • AlphaBlox 2.x
  • Hyperion CRA 1.0
  • Analyzer v5 (Fat, WebOracle, WebParadox)
  • Analyzer API (limited)
  • Essbase Objects
  • Excel API
  • ActiveOlap
  • Arcplan (limited)
  • Essbase Web Gateway
  • Crystal Reports
  • Hyperion Reports 1.7


Specialize ETL is only necessary when there are corporate requirements for metadata management. I generally can hack whatever is necessary from SQL, Perl and load rules. But I am familiar with the leading tools.

  • (limited) Informatica
  • Acta for SAP
  • Integration Sever
  • EIS Relational DrillThrough

Tuning, Optimization & Capacity Planning

  • NT System Monitor
  • proctool
  • iostat
  • mpstat
  • top

Other Advanced Essbase Features

  • Transparent Partitions
  • Replicated Partitions
  • Attribute Dimensions
  • Security Filters
  • Security Migration

Data Sources for load rules

  • DB2, DB400, Oracle (6,7,8), Sybase 9, SQL Server (6,7,2000) MSAccess, SAP (various modules), I2 Rhythm, Manugistics, Siebel 6, Peoplesoft 7, 8

Interoperability & Platforms

  • Citrix Winframe
  • HP UX 10, 11
  • Solaris 2.x
  • OS/2
  • NT 3.51, 4.0, 2000
  • S/390
  • AIX 4.x, 5.x(including parallel ed. For SP)
  • Jrun 3
  • Websphere 4.0
  • Tomcat 4.0.4
  • Apache

The gaps in my Essbase Experience

Have done, but not in production

Have yet to do

  • Linked Partitions
  • Distributed OLAP
  • Mod_perl extensions
  • AlphaBlox
  • Arcplan
  • Analyzer API
  • EES Application Server
  • Hyperion Application Builder
  • C API
  • Java API

Seminars Presented




Acta Road Show – CA (2)

DW with SAP

50 ea.

Boston DCI

eCRM + DW – Booth


EBusiness Kickoff – San Mateo

Hyperion Sales


EBusiness World 2000 – San Jose

Trade Show

1000+ & Wall Street Analysts

Hyperion / Ardent NYC

EBusiness Analytics


Hyperion DW – AZ

Hyperion DW vs SAP BW


Hyperion Europe – Milan

Hyperion Sales



ECRM Joint Sales Training – IBM/Siebel/Hyperion, Hyperion Detail

IBM Database & eServer Salesforce 100, 20

IBM Millenium – San Francisco

Hyperion eBusiness Intro – Select Booth

IBM WW Premier Partners 500+

IBM Partnerworld 2000 – San Diego

Hyperion eBusiness Product – Booth

IBM Partners 5000+

Solutions 2000 – NV

NTier Architecture

Website Analysis

Hyperion Client Base

I elaborate on all of this to say that at the moment, there is little question that Essbase is the premier multidimensional database system and is an optimal solution for Data Marts. I am a world class practitioner in this segment of the BI market.

Future Directions

On the Hyperion Platform, I will continue to leverage my Essbase platform as Hyperion expands it with relational partitions, EE Services & J2EE App platforms.

I am currently studying JSP and EJB on Tomcat. Furthermore, I will learn MS OLAP Services. I will learn more about security, especially LDAP integration for authentication. I will learn application server details and adopt PHP and Perl Objects for open source web deployment of OLAP apps.