John Brown

University of Virginia
Cinesphere Interview
w/ Russell Banks
John Brown Day
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A Kansas History
by William E. Connelley  - KSGenWeb Project
Thoreau's Plea
Frederick Douglass' Storer College Address
May 30. 1881
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"When a prophet like John Brown appears, how must we of the world receive him? Must we follow out the drear, dread logic of surrounding facts, even if they crucify a clean and pure soul, simpy because consistent allegiance to our cherished, chosen ideal demands it? If we do, the shame will brand our latest history. Shall we hesitate and waver before his clear white logic, now helping, now fearing to help, now believing, now doubting? Yes, this we must do so long as the doubt and hesitation are genuine; but we must not lie. If we are human, we must thus hesitate until we know the right. How shall we know it? That is the riddle of the sphinx. We are but darkened groping souls, that know not light often because of its very blinding radiance. Only in time is truth revealed. Today at last we know: John Brown was right."

— W.E.B. Du Bois

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