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Houses (Agoras)
August 2002

Agoras are areas of political activity where Citizens meet to do their business.

Open Agoras
There are two classes of Agoras: Open and Moderated

There are only certain types of activities which are private within the .

1. Polishing/Detailing

2. QuidProQuo

Open Agoras

There are several GrassRoots Agoras which are basically set up according to a Meyer'sBriggs type personality set. They are all of equal standing but Citizens may just find themselves more comfortable in one than another. They are the MoshPit, the PeanutGallery, the YakPool and the WarpAndWoof. Whichever one of these unmoderated. Alternate names [Eruditorium, Kvetch, Raucus Caucus, Woodstock, Stadium, The Garden].

Citizens must declare a primary alliance to a House/Agora and maintain a standing number of 50 in order to keep the House open. That Citizen needn't participate in any of the House functions, there is no advantage in coming from any house or another, this is simply a matter of managing population. At this time it seems most appro.