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Annotated Bibliography
August 2002

These are resources that I made use of in my construction and research for XRepublic.

Resource Notes
Diversophy Online
This game helped illustrate the different ways that businessmen from various countries generally operated in coming to decisions. I did fairly well in my understanding of these traits. Thanks to Gabor Por for pointing this out.
SAMS Teach Yourself JavaServer Pages
Annunziato & Kaminaris
My first dymanic content was successfully done through this on the first day. So I dropped PHP and went for Java and JSP.

Programming Perl
Wall & Schwartz

It's already been said elsewhere. Invaluable.
Learning Java 2nd Ed.
Niemeyer & Knudsen
A good thorough book that is just at the right level for what I needed. I bought this one the second day. I understood that I needed a good theoretical background and I got it here.
Object Oriented Data Structures Using Java
Dale, Joyce & Weems
An excellent text that took me right back to sophomore year in CS. Now that the world expects OO, it's a great time to rub my nose in the basics. If a large number of list functions perform well in XR, it is due to this book.
Another Biblilography I haven't used any of these books, but you never know when they might come in handy.
Stephen Clift

Scott Reents Holds Forth

Also check out the Democracy Project

Dru Jay - Open Publishing



A brief overview of this site show tht it will be very promising in the analysis of voting results. Well-researched methodology is apparent.