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A citizen is a registered player in the game. One can be a citizen and not participate, but one cannot view without citizenship.
Talking Points
A Talking Point is a part of an argument in support to/ opposition to or tangential to an argument. In order to have a comprehensive view of a position, a person should weigh in on a variety of talking points. 
Yak Pool
This is one of the various open agoras.

Yak Pool

Peanut Gallery

Arcane Arena


Your Sleeve is your set of opinions which are represented by colors on various Litmus Tests. When you are working in committee, or don't want your positions to be known, you roll up your Sleeves. It is a way of being anonymous.
Litmus Test
A Litmus Test is kind of questionnaire which measures your opinion on a matter.
A Framer is a Citizen which has been considered respectable enough and openminded enough to Frame an issue. Framing an Issue is the skill at which various Litmus Test results will change one's sleeve after one Weighs In on an Issue.
Weighing In
Weighing in is posting an deliberated response to an Issue. Somehow this will be translated to some color on the spectrum and modifying / creating one's color on your Sleeve for that issue.


vv entities its acceptability outside of the free spaces. For some time period an item will float in anticpation of it being Attached. When an item is floated sy its author, the author shouid create an Apropos List. Items can only be atttched to their apropos targets, although suggestions to the author may be made.


Float List

The float list is updated whenever a new item is floated, sinks or swims. It is an ideal place to begin wonking.


Wonking is the process by which certain Ctizens persue their agendas. In general wonking involves finding new or Polished material to be added to the issues of concern. Wonking makes the difference between arguments and issues which are kept up to date and those which stagnate.


Polishing is the equivalent of markup. At some point, the author a an attached argument may agree to have the wording of his points changed, or split int separate points or otherwise reorganized. This should be done in such a way as to minimize the effect on support that the artifact has gathered. This is likely to be accomplished by framers, citizens whose credibility is generally high and can be trusted not to alter the spirit of the artifact as intended by the original author. All polishing must be done with the consent of the author, otherwise a competing argment must garner support and contend.


An issue is a high-level artifact of the delibertive space. They consist of position statement which is Framed in such a way as to invoke Arguments both Pro & Con. In addition facts will be attached, apropos the issue.

Weighing In
Weighing in on an Issue is a rather complex activity in which a Citizen reviews the Talking Points and other Argments which are attached. By doing so, a Citizen lends his Credibility

to the arguments and facts presented, and makes public his position on the issue.


Briefs are attached to Issues in a Non-Partisan fashion. It is difficult to say how this is accomplisshd, and i am generally pre-disposed to say that there is no such thing as disinterest. But would like to be able to attach findings of fact to issues in such a way as to not be a part of a partisan issue. If there are matters of consideration which partisans refuse to consider, yet are somehow germain to the Issue, there should be some extra-political way to bring them up for consideration.



Facts are statements. Facts are either Generally Accepted, or In Dispute. The acceptance or rejection of facts should be done independently of the issues the are Attached to.