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Originated August 2001

Frequently Asked Questions  
Who is working on XRepublic? From its inception in 1998, Michael Bowen has been the sole designer of the XRepublic. At present I am pseudocoding and working on classes and methods. I hope to have enough designed soon such that I can open it up to more capable programmers than myself. I expect to collaborate in due time.
Will the XRepublic system be open source?

The work behind XR and contents of this public website are managed under the Creative Commons Idea.

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License.

Will the Government ever adopt XRepubic or other electronic voting schemes? I think it is inevitable even if it never happens in my lifetime. Even so, that's not important. Democracy is not strictly governmental. There are lots of areas of human endeavor which are not strictly governmental which require voting systems. I know Roberts Rules of Order not because I ever held a government office but because I was in a student organization. NGOs of all sorts, sophisticated online gaming systems, academic simulations, even market research can be accomodated by the functions of an XRepublic.