Implementation Ideas

Original 1998

Syntax/Grammar Neutralizer
Before you submit a comment to a forum, the Neutralizer will translate, punctuate and otherwise de-personify your comments such as to make your identity more opaque when this is necessary in a decision making process which is adequately controversial.
Wonk Mode - Citizen Mode
All of the screens should allow Citizens to decide how they are going to approach the issues. In Wonk Mode, they are generally gathering facts for submission in support of a Position. In Citizen mode, they are generally looking at arguments in the opposite direction. They are searching the universe of arguments. 
New Subject
Subjects should be exhaustive and organized in such a way that new topics are difficult to start after a certin critical mass is reached.  Subject specific karma. 
In the Agora, karma should be subjective. General karma is not additive. A person can have a very popular position
Popularity vs Authority vs Facilitation
The system should recognize the difference between someone who is a popularizer of an idea and one who is an authority on the matter in contrast to someone who has done the Wonk work to clarify the matter of work. 


Wonk Mode

   1. Gather facts in support or dispute of a Position or Argument