XRepublic Point Promotion


Point Weigh In

last update - January 2003

On the way to crafting a resolution, original comments will be modified.

Any comment in a thread is a post.

From the Thread, a Point is made when some individual other than the author suggests that a Post is relevant to the topic.

Relevant Support / Detraction Weight Highlight Wonk
Thread Post Thread Point Augmented Point Weighted Point Argument (Pro or Con) Resolution

Thread Post
Any citizen saying anything in a thread creates a post. Any comment will do. The intent is that people will ask questions and rant extemporaneously.

Thread Point
As citizens decide that a post is relevant to the discussion, they will give each individual post a promotion. Marking Relevant is the operation. A post which is marked relevant is promoted to a Point. Points will now reside in the Sidebar. The Sidebar marks the first place a point will travel on the way to becoming part of a resolution.

Augmented Point
A Point in the Sidebar still belongs to the original author. But now other citizens have the ability to comment and augment it. Augmentation comes in the form of Support or Detraction. Support has 3 options, Detraction only one. Detraction is optional, because it is better to make a counterpoint. A counterpoint is not automatically relevant, so it must be made independently in the Thread and made relevant by another author. Thus here are the Support and Detraction options:

Augmentation can be text, URI, pictures, quotes or any kind of attribute a citizen thinks helps the point.

The author still has control of the Augmented Point and decides when that point is 'saturated'. The author decides that further support goes beyond the intent of his point. This is a squishy proposition and entirely subjective but it is up to the author. The author locks the point from futher modification. A a saturated point is now ready for weight.

Weighted Point
A Saturated Point can now be weighed by citizens.

TalkingPoint Weight
  • Agreement
  • Repute
  • Intensity
  • Agreement {Agree, Accept, Reject, Strongly Disagree}
  • Reputation {Authoritative, Well Reasoned, Sensible, Trite, Ridiculous}
  • Intensity {scale of 1 to 4 }