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April 01, 2005

Friday Fragments

Dog Island
I've been thinking about what to do with Seven, our old black lab. He's going on 11 years and has been slowing down as of late. The vet says he's arthritic and we can tell. I mean he's just as friendly and jumps around when we get that soggy old tennis ball, but you can tell he's lost a step.

I've been telling the kids not to make him run after the ball all the time. Now he's pretty much restricted to chasing after the flashlite beam in the house. I don't know what it is about that light that gets him. Anyway, when I was last at the dog park over on 190th I spoke to the woman with Twin. Funny I don't know her name or her dog's real name, but we call him Twin because he looks just like Seven. She recommended that we put Seven out to Dog Island instead of having him put down.

Golf Cross
There's a big development going on in El Segundo. I've been wondering what they are going to do with all the land across from the refinery. The tore down some of the oilfield stuff that seemed to by an outlier on the east side of PCH. It turns out that they're putting a Golfcross course there. Can't wait.

Ova Prima
There's some interesting research going on at the Ova Prima foundation.

For the last twenty years, Ova Prima has been an active partner in education with professional educational organizations, schools, and teachers, working to integrate ovaprimatological studies into the curriculum of primary, secondary, and continuing education. We offer a series of prestigious Teachers' Workshops, maintain a on-line databank of lesson plans, and offer an exciting curriculum for seniors in conjunction with Olderhostel. For more information on Ova Prima educational outreach, see our Education page.

Water on Mars
Finally, incontrovertable proof.

Posted by mbowen at April 1, 2005 10:09 AM

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Steroid shots will improve Seven's life and prolong it for ... maybe 3 to 5 years. It's not that expensive ... I speak from experience.

Posted by: Steel Turman at April 3, 2005 01:44 AM