Debunking Neo-Confederates

August 2002

Slavery & The Principles of the Confederate Secession The 'Confederate' Flag Itself

Articles of Secession
The neo-Rebel revisionism spouted by Southern bigots is easily debunked by a simple review of primary sources from the Confederacy, such as official documents and eyewitness accounts. Among the favorite bits of disinformation modern-day racists like to push is that Confederates "weren't really racist" and that their motivation was not a desire to preserve slavery, but to defend the worthy principle of "states rights."

"No Reference to the Slave"
For while Southerners of good will could argue the merits of tariffs, commerce and States Rights, they never questioned the place of the Negro in the scheme of things. It is best summed up in Jeff Davis' Farewell Speech to the US Senate.

Georgia State Senate Research
The facts about the intent and purposes of the incorporation of the Battle Flag symbols into the Georgia State Flag in 1956.

Georgia State Flag History
A vanilla version.

Hugonaut- A NeoConfederate Reaction
The Georgia flag, a symbol of the old South, was destroyed by the NAACP, the Georgia Legislative Black Caucus, the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, the Rainbow/PUSH Coalition, and others in Atlanta and elsewhere. They claimed our flag representd only hatred and division, and demanded it be removed and forgotten. Thanks to Governor Roy "Judas" Barnes, they succeeded. Now it should be restored and honored as a proud symbol of our rich Southern heritage and Confederate ancestry.